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Subject: RE: [motm] colored patchbay washers

From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...
Date: 1999-07-10

> From what I've seen, everyone on the list is extremely well versed in
> technology and layout, and we on the list are all very individual as are
> systems. Perhaps a "User Configurable" panel is in order.

Be careful! This is the (very) vocal minority you are listening to.

> Maybe this is a little off the wall ... but I have a dim memory of once
> having seen steel hardware in various colors of this clear, shiny,
> hard-surfaced lacquer finish. It looked kind of like the colors you get
> when you rub a bright metal washer with a permanent marker, but it was a
> real finish. Am I making things up? Does this stuff actually exist, can
> it be got at hobby stores or something like that? It just came to mind as
> an alternative to colored plastic washers for 1/4" jacks.

I love the colored washer idea! I think you are referring to anodized
aluminum here; it has the properties you are referring to. Paul's metal
shops should be able to have this done for him. He just gives them a few
thousand aluminum washers and presto! all of the colors of the rainbow--or
something like that. Actually, the plastic ones sound cooler and I think
they will be more readily visible in low-light conditions. The colors on
the 940 would be great to match.