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Subject: Patch Modules

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-07-10

Couple of items before trying to get kids into bathtubs......

1) If anyone knows a source of colored washers, let me know. I like that
idea. I have asked the
mecca of plastic hardware: and awaiting an answer.

2) I know 1U tall is desired, but I think getting a 2U tall, ~$120 TR
patchbay and then wiring as a multi
makes sense. Certainly, A custom 1U MOTM 19" wide bay will be in that price
range. The thing has $65 worth
of jacks!

Larry is correct: a steel frame is needed for stiffness. It wouldn't be the
same thinkness as the panels, so
you would have a "discontinuity" in the rack. But, same goes for sticking a
TASCAM or whatever in there.

3) "free-wiring" of mults: again the problem arises: how do you (OR
∗somebody else∗) remember what is
back-wired to what?

4) Certainly, I like the 1U wide 5U tall stuff. Much easier to ship, for 1
thing. Also, you can get black 19" wide
panels from Newark and Allied and even Musician's Friend pretty cheap. Drill
away! It's ∗OK∗ to populate "factory
stock" MOTM with homebuilt.

5) I'm watching all this dialog with keen interest. Will start pcb layout of
'410 filter next week. Stay tuned!!

Lastly: I have noted the newer patch cords that are 1-2ft are not as
"droopy" as the older stuff. But, I also think
part of the "modular look" is a rat's nest of patchcords!!

Paul S.