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Subject: Re: More utility panel ideas

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-07-10

> From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...>
> If the utility panels were 1U wide 5U tall MOTM-panels then one could
> of "mix and match" utility elements more to taste, rather than trying to
> blend everything on a 1U wide rack panel ... it doesn't solve the "cords
> in front of knobs" problem, though. On the other hand, my personal taste
> isn't bothered at all by cords in front of knobs

Looks like most people would like to stay with MOTM-form factor utility
elements. AND, I guess I actually agree. However, I know I will still
have some type of "across the bottom of the rows" patch points that will
keep me from having longish cables across one or two rows. Maybe I will be
drilling these myself (been there, done that).

> let us each pick our own wiring pattern for the mults -- I like clusters,
> Larry likes families ...

I think this would be WONDERFUL. If you do enough clustering, you will get
families (har har). Seriously, I do like clusters too. However, having
the multi panels so that each person can pick their own wiring pattern is
the only way to go. One might choose a combination of clusters and
families depending on what the needs for that partiular multiple actually
were. And, they could easily change as the MOTM system grew and changed.
The only catch is a nice way to identify on the panel front (short of
connecting lines) which jacks were connected to which. I really like the
idea of a color code (like MOTM-940) that could be changed on each jack as
easily as the flat washer. Paul, am I pipe dreaming?

> my 0.018 Euro,
> Chris

I'm not calling you cheap or anything Chris. But, just how many dollars is
equal to 0.018 Euro? Would that be the preverbial 2 cents? <grin>

Thanks to all for the exchange of ideas.