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Subject: Re: Midi to CV Kenton or Encore or JKJ?

From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...
Date: 1999-07-09

Mark T (07:43 PM 07/08/1999) wrote:

>I'm looking at the Kenton 2000 or the Expressionist.

I had a Pro4 and don't regret my trade deal for an Expressionist ∗at all∗.
The Expressionist is a much more _musical_ device. Check the Splits,
Modulation Matrix and Polyphonic features.

>On the smaller scale, Is anyone using a Kenton Pro Solo or JKJ CV-5?

I used to have two ProSolo's, now have one, I also have a a JKJ CV-5.

The CV-5 simply blows away the ProSolo in terms of usability.