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Subject: Tail-end Chris's VCO report

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-07-08

Hey everybody ... got a job so I finally got some VCOs ...

I got everything warmed up and trimmed properly and the pointy sine
transient has indeed shrunk to 10 us wide. Verrry impressive sounding!
The saw and pulse waves are attractively "in your face" without the
irritating cicada buzzing I've heard from a lot of d∗g∗tal sawtooth waves,
most notably my beloved Yamaha AN1x. The sine and triangle waves sound
nice and clean. It tracks as finely as I can tune over 5 keyboard
octaves, and would probably track beyond that if I weren't using a little
bitty PA∗A midi2cv converter :)

All last night I was playing with the old "ring modulated vocals" trick,
running out of a channel insert on my 1202vlz (to get preamplification)
into the MOTM-110 X, with a sine tone for Y. When this is patched into
the MOTM-120 SUB mode with the input mix set to SQUARE, and you turn up
SUB 2 with a little bit of SUB 1 and SUB 3 for flavor, it sounds
incredibly wicked. (The scope trace looks kinda like the output from
my Blacet Dark Star, except modulated by vocals instead of noise.) Watch
out Al Jourgensen ... I haven't tried CROSS mode yet.

Got to build the other VCO tonight so I can try out CROSS and sync and all
that neat stuff. My roommate Loren's laconic comment: "I think this
`oscillator' thing is definitely a nice addition to the modular."