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Subject: panel dividing

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-07-03

There has been discussion on and off about how to cause a visual division
when looking at the MOTM modules. Some of us like that look because it
reminds us of the classic Moog appearance. Some have said that such a
division line would help in lower lights to direct one to the right module

Paul suggested some of that thin stick-on chart tape. I picked some up at
the local hobby shop today. It is white, has a satin (no gloss) finish and
comes in a variety of widths. I bought the 1/16 inch which was the most
narrow thay had. I installed it down the right hand side of my MOTM-420.
I must say that it really looks good and does quite a good job of making
the separation in panels VERY easy to see.

I got a roll big enough to do at least 100 MOTM modules for $1.97. When I
installed it, I wrapped the ends of the tape over the ends of the module
face and around to the back so that when the modules are attached to a rack
rail or other case, the ends are securred and will not be prone to coming

Larry Hendry