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Subject: Re: Tiny little module suggestion

From: John Speth <johns@...
Date: 1999-06-24

Me too.

I would value a quartet patch module more than the M940. I envision it 1U wide and, I think, it would hold 4 quartets. Real cheap too.

How about it?

John Speth
Object Engineering, Inc

On Wednesday, June 23, 1999 7:30 PM, Christopher Jeris [SMTP:cjeris@...] wrote:
> From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...>
> Maybe this is too tiny even to merit the name "module". I find that on my
> 940 patch panel I use the 1/4" quartets much more heavily than the
> type-changer sets (I have about 3:1 MOTM:1/8" gear and no banana gear). I
> would like to have a 1U wide patch panel with four or five quartets of
> 1/4" jacks. Since this is so simple, it would really be enough to have a
> front panel punched and printed, and I could buy the jacks and wire it.
> But I can't seem to find any place where I can get panels punched (just
> not looking in the right places?)
> Does this sound worthwhile, or too simple to be worth the effort?
> peace,
> Chris Jeris (still unemployed in Chicago)
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