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Subject: Cable News Network

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-06-23

The latest from CNN:

The original cable supplier (you know, the one that kissed me off as "small
potatoes") has
had a change of heart. Meaning, he needs $$$.

So, I just faxed over a $1400 order for wire/coax. He says that the wire
needed for the '420s
will be here Monday.

∗ASSUMING∗ he is correct:

a) I can ship the "coax-less" kits this Thursday, meaning that chances are
they arrive Sat.
and you be squeaking Sat PM

b) I can ship full kits Tuesday - Friday of next week (I have 62 on order!

SO: for those of you that sent me email saying you want the kits now, UNLESS
I hear differently
out they go Thursday. Taking manual to printers tomorrow AM.

Sorry for the delays: I just did 4 18hr days debugging 20,000 Xilinx gates
in Verilog for the TI DSP
project. I deliver 3 prototype tomorrow. So, hopefully THAT'S overwith until
late July when the #2 DSP
hits. least I can fund MOTM ∗all year now∗!

On the ∗down∗ side: ZERO relief on getting the pots in sooner for the '320
and '410. So, these are BOTH
delayed until 2nd week of August unless I get ∗very∗ lucky. I will layout
the '410 pcb next week and also send
the front panels to the machine shop in case matters improve (doubtful).

Paul S.
still in digital domain, where 1ns is life...or death.