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Subject: Re: Well??

From: Mark Pulver <mpulver@...
Date: 1999-06-17

Dave Bradley (02:13 PM 6/17/99) wrote:

>I just downloaded 2.23 and played all of them fine. I'm using NT 4 Service
>Pack 4, P2 300 with 128M.
>I think you should try more RAM. You must have done some serious tricks to
>get NT to run in 128k.

Well, I guess I should of pointed out that it's actually Linux running in
128k on a 386, and I'm running an XServer to get a view of the NT box which
is in that quad processor PIII-500 over there.

:) (whoops)

those dang k's and m's get me all the time...

good thing I've got a "Q" to save the day!