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Subject: MOTM shipping delays

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...
Date: 1999-06-16

The MOTM-420 filter will be delayed until I can replenish my wire supply. I
visited the new wire provider today. He is supposed to get back with me
Friday AM. I offered an incentive clause to speed things along.

In all likelyhood, the ∗best∗ I can see is July 1 for the MOTM-420. The '320
'410 are most likely July 20th. The reason is now Bourns is dragging their
on delivering pots. Also, Spectrol UK is dragging their feet on the pcb
mounted pots.
I ordered these pots in early APRIL and they are still not here!!

It is frustrating to be quoted 6 week lead-times and then get told 10-12
weeks. This is
what happens to "small potatoes" operations like mine. I say that sort of
ironically, since
last year I speant about $140,000 buying parts for MOTM + TI. The wire I
need comes to
about $1800, but the supplier does these wire harnesses for commercial
cement pumper
trucks at $1400 EACH and he ships 25/week. See, I'm just "small potatoes"!

Only upside was this wire guy has ALL of the necessary equipment to make

So, send me your desires: lengths, cable type (I'm going by memory, by I
think Mogami (SP?) and Caldre (sp?)
are supposedly 2 high-end ones). He can imprint 12 characters either on the
wire OR on color-coded heatshrink.

I may talk to another wire vendor tomorrow to see if I can get them to
provide the '420 wire in less than 3 weeks.
The first guy ∗may∗ come back and quote " standard 4 weeks, but we'll try to
speed it up" which means
"if Mr. Cement Truck calls up, you are screwed"

Paul S.
not having a good day