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Subject: brand new Moog ribbons??

From: Christopher Jeris <cjeris@...
Date: 1999-06-15

Dave Bradley says he bought his Moog ribbon controller brand new in the
early 1970s ... This makes me wonder ...

How old is everybody here ?! :)

Just curious, really. I'll be 23 next month, but it seems from the
traffic like most of you are old-timers. (Been quiet lately because I'm
unemployed and job-searching so I can't afford a MOTM habit for the

ObMOTM: At the moment, it seems like the list archives are the only
source for MOTM mods. Paul, would you consider adding a MODS page to the
MOTM website? Or would you rather have one of us maintain it? I'm
willing but others are likely more qualified.


Chris Jeris (unemployed in Chicago)
P.S. The half-built 700 does NOT look like an alien spider. I found
something just like it in my gumbo in New Orleans a few years back.