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Subject: Re: Korg MS-20 filter?

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...
Date: 1999-02-19

Paul S. wrote:

> It turns out that a simple, 1U wide MS-20 filter with 3 controls (Cutoff,
> and 4 jacks (IN, OUT, 1V/OCT IN, VARIABLE IN) could be whipped up in no
time. Cost
> would be $89, same as EG kit! (BTW: this is about as cheap as I can make
a kit and at
> least break even).
> The circuit is easy to build (a single-sided pcb is all thats needed). I
> don't have a MS-20, but lots of folks love the "Korg Twang".
> Any interest???

Sure Paul,

In my limited experience, it seems that the filters seem to be the one
single element that makes the biggest difference in sound in a synth with a
fixed architecture (well other than modulation routings). So, it seems to
reason that having different types of filters would broaden one's modular

So, count me in. I think I will require one of every filter you make and
two of the ones I get, use and really like. I like the sound of my MS-20.
But, I like the filters better in my Micromoog.