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Subject: Re: [motm] MOTM system growth

From: Dave Hylander <david@...>
Date: 2000-09-12

Yes, I've had one for 2 months now. Overall I'm pleased with it if you
keep in mind the cost of it, the availability of other "classy" looking
keyboards, that it is new, and it's walnut. Very nice walnut.

Case quality - It's walnut. I am a woodworker and was somewhat
disappointed with the fact that the brads that hold the case together look
like they are either from a air nailer or were set with a punch. Hence
small divits where the brads are. From a few feet away it's not
noticeable. Otherwise the case is nice and well done. Very compact in
size. And it's walnut.

Key bed - When playing hard on the center of the key bed, it flexes down a
bit. Does not effect playability, but hey, I'm a type A engineer. I fixed
that with a little shimming. Overall I like the feel of the keys. They
look very nice in the walnut case.

Electronics - It's very nice having both dual CV and gate outputs combined
with midi in and out. Very flexible. CV output is good measured by my
Fluke. I have had some problems with the circuit locking up at power up
occasionally. Richard has responded very quickly on this issue and can not
reproduce it on equipment on hand. He is sending me a complete control
circuit board, power supply, etc. to switch out. Great response. It's
housed in walnut.

Overall impression - I like this keyboard and feel it is worth the money
spent. It is not in the same class of quality as I have grown accustomed
to with Paul's products. Richard openly admits that he is not trying to
compete at the equipment level of MOTM. For the $400 this is definitely
worth purchasing. Did I mention it's walnut?


At 10:11 PM 9/11/00 -0400, you wrote:
>(Anyone buy's keyboard yet? How's the quality?... I'm
>thinking about it..)