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Subject: Re:[motm] Basic electronics book

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-09-10

I agree with all the recommendations of the previously mentioned books
(Electronotes PCC, The Art of Electronics, the Forrest Mimms Radio Shack
books, etc.). You can get a brand new copy of Hal Chamberlin's Musical
Applications for Microprocessors 2nd edition from Jeff Dec
(jdec@...) for about $50 -- he had a whole stash of them.

I also suggest going to used book shops to find older basic electronics books
as well as basic servicing guides (for stereos, TVs and VCRs) if you are
trying to build up a library of these books.

If anyone wants a copy of Anderton's Electronic Projects for Musicians I have
an extra copy that I'll send to someone for $5 to cover the postage.