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Subject: skool museum trip..?!

From: "sikorsky" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-09-08

hello all,

off down to Rak Studios in London on Monday (to collect some production
and i only just found out they have one of THOSE Yamaha synths:

all i know (from heresay) they were the pinnacle of Yamaha's analogue
expertiese, an R&D excercise based loosely on the CS80, that there were
only four ever build - one went to Micky Most (hence it being at Rak), one
went to Abba, one went to Stevie Wonder - i've seen some footage of this,
and i suppose the last one is in the Yamaha synth bunker

bullet train spotters may correct me where i'm wrong,
sorry this may be off topic, but the list is dead quiet, and i'm dead

paul b
(spending friday night soldering oakley pcbs into a vc-xfade instead of
getting drunk in pubs like i used to...)