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Subject: Re: octave or interval switch for any VCO

From: "Dave Bradley" <daveb@...>
Date: 2000-09-06

--- In, jwbarlow@a... wrote:
> Hi Larry (Dave and Dave) and everyone,
> I think this is a really good price. I might be interested but I'm
waiting to
> see what happens (both here and with the panels). Once you get the
design set
> you should poll the list again a few days before you go to print
them. I hope
> this idea works for other panels as well -- this could really be a
> development for the MOTM "diyers" and Blacet/Oakley users.
> JB

I anticipate this screen will have several modules on it. The current
candidates are: Larry's 2 switches, Wiard MiniWave, Blacet Delay,
maybe 1 or two others. Also there seems to be interest in another
screen for some Oakley designs. I'm waiting on delivery of my Blacet
and Wiard modules. After they get here and I whip up the designs,
I'll poll the list again for participants. Cost will be quite
reasonable if we get a bunch of people together!