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Subject: Re: I am the stoopidest MOTM builder alive

From: james holloway <jimh54@...
Date: 1999-06-11

As you can see, we've all made our share of mistakes. I put an IC in
backwards but caught it in time ( before power was applied ). No need to
beat yourself up over it. The good news is if you follow Paul's excellent
instructions you have the coolest synth modules available and they all work
superbly. I did'nt have to troubleshoot any of the six I've built. (keeping
fingers crossed).
BTW Welcome to the list.

>From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
>To: <>
>Subject: Re: [motm] I am the stoopidest MOTM builder alive
>Date: Fri, 11 Jun 1999 14:39:29 -0500
>From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
>You owe me 18 cents + 43 cents postage for the replacement parts I mailed.
><just kidding>!!
>I feel bad I didn't ask you this on the phone.
>Keep the spares for later!!
>Paul S.
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>From: Doug Pearson <ceres@...>
>To: MOTM listserv <>
>Date: Friday, June 11, 1999 2:05 PM
>Subject: [motm] I am the stoopidest MOTM builder alive
> >From: Doug Pearson <ceres@...>
> >
> >Why not make my first post to the MOTM list a ripe opportunity for some
> >public humiliation?
> >
> >I successfully built MOTM-110, -120 and even -300, but I couldn't get the
> >easiest one (MOTM-800) to work - all the gate input apparatus was dead
> >the input transistor (Q1) wouldn't turn on. I called Paul for help,
> >to verify that I'd need to replace the transistor (Q1) and diode (D1) at
> >the input, and he helped clue me in on some diagnostics, as well as
> >all the stupid, obvious questions that have to be asked first (are all
> >chips oriented properly? do you have the proper wires soldered to the
> >proper jack terminals? - duh!).
> >
> >DUH! is right. I went back to the circuit board to remove D1, just to
> >what would happen - it still didn't work. Then I looked below D1 at the
> >wires coming from the circuit board to the gate jack ... no! I couldn't
> >possibly have been that stupid! I was. Ground (grey) and output (white)
> >wires were soldered INTO THE WRONG HOLES. Rather than muck with the
> >circuit board, I just swapped the two wires on the jack terminals and
> >presto! One 100% working MOTM-800 ADSR EG!
> >
> >Boy do I feel stupid (sorry for taking up your time, Paul!). But hearing
> >those modules work together sure made me feel good!
> >
> > -Doug
> > ceres@...
> >
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