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Subject: Re: [motm] SKB to SKB Power cord

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-08-26

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From: thomas white <djthomaswhite@...>
I have a 12 space SKB with one 900 PCB full of modules
inside of it. I am ready to start my second SKB case and
plan to run the power lines split directly off of the power-one
supply. Where is the best point to do this or the best method
used in your opinion?
The second attachment point should be as close to the power supply as
I hope to run the three wires to a one space (MOTM) panel mounted on the
rear of my SKB next to my 900 Power Supply. On this panel I want to have the
MIDI ins/outs from my Kenton and the Power Out Jack to the second SKB. What
type of cable would you recommend to run the three wire power from one
cabinet to the other? XLR? MIDI? What type of cable would be a good one for
this task of power transfer?
There are many choices. Here are my criteria for such a connector:
1 - different than other connectors in my system
2 - polarized
3 - doesn't short when inserting or removing.

Some that fit this criteria are:

1 - Cinch jones (like the 2 pin ones used for Moog CV) They are made in 4,
6, and 10 conductors. I think the 4 conductors are probably available at

2 - Remember CB radios? They had a very interesting connector for the
microphone that I have used for auxiliary connectors on other projects. The
males are commonly made for panel mount. They are metal and sturdy, but the
metal is insulated from the mounting metal. The female ends are made to go
on a round cable. The contact surfaces are plenty big for the current of
MOTM modules. And, a favorite feature is that they have a locking screw
ring around them. So, you don't have to work about them falling out. Oh,
they have 4 pins and since they are polarized so they cannot be plugged in
wrong. These are commonly found. I can post a photo if needed.

Either of these should easily accept a piece of round 16/3 wire. This is
the kind of wire comonly found in 10 amp medium duty outdoor extrension
cords (hot, heutral, grd). And, this kind of wire is commonly sold by the
foot at many stores. Made for extension cords, it is rugged, flexible and #
16 wire is big enough for the job so you will not have a voltage drop issue
between cabinet.

My $.02
Larry H