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Subject: OT: Roland 18* owners

From: "skinny bastard" <skin_job@...>
Date: 2000-08-22

To all Roland system 100M 180/181 keyboard owners:

I'm currently starting on my project to further interface my 180 with my
MOTM stuff.
I've already done the gate/trigger/power supply mod that was started here,
but I've become annoyed with the fact that I have to keep my synth at point
blank range with my keyboard to interface it (mainly the shortness of the
modified cord and its "trailing out from the back of the MOTM system."

My plan proposes:
A MOTM style panel with a 7 pin din recepticle (to connect the keyboard
directly to the MOTM's like it was interfacing with other Roland system
modules), built in mults for C/V, trigger, and gate.

The pins will be routed to 1/4 in. output jacks to be located RIGHT THERE
with my MOTM's.

The reason I stated "7" pins is because I'm going to be adding the function
of an external pitch-bend feature (patchable)... the only input on the
module besides the power supply. Probably going to build a few different
items for this (got mini-moog mod wheels, and might get a minimoog ribbon
controller, C/V pedal, joystick, whatever...)

If anyone else can think of features to include, then please let me know.

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