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Subject: RE: [motm] MOTM compatible module

From: Jeffrey Pontius <jpont@...>
Date: 2000-08-21

One of my favorite cv aspects are envelope generators, I wholeheartedly
support your efforts. I could really 'sink into' an eg like this. A few
comments (possibly reinforcing previous good comments):
- Because the time and level 'values' are relative, you may want to
eliminate the value numbers and instead label the stages. (We can assume
that the values are positive.)
- As reinforcement to some previous comments, if you are 'targeting'
incorporation into a motm setup, then the more 'motm-ish' it looks, the
better. IMO exact motm look is not required, but it would be nice.
Possibly a 3 unit (4 units would take a lot of space)
would be more ergonomic than a 2 unit space. The 'connection lines' from
switches to sets of knobs is very nice, but it might be possible to put
the switches between the LEVEL knob column and the jacks. Clear
labeling of the switches would indicate their function (tho' I suppose the
nice envelope graphic would have to go).

- As previously mentioned, module depth not more that 4 - 5"
would advantageous for those of us that have built 'narrow' depth cabinets
(or SKB cases).

- Pushing limits here: what about individual cv control jacks for TIME or
LEVEL (or both)? Too big of a panel (even putting the switches below)?

- Instead of "Universal Envelope Generator" how about "Advanced Envelope
Generator" (few things are really 'universal')?

Anyway, the above are trivial compared to the ideas and effort you put
into this - great proposal!