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Subject: RE: [motm] MOTM compatible module

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-08-21


Thanks for the explanation. I had figured out the looping but TCV and the step
switch didn't hit me right off the bat. These features have some very interesting

> Paul and I use different graphics tools and I know the font he uses, but I
> don't have the exact one. I'm trying to make it look very close so when it's
> in a system, it's a natural addition. The knobs are smaller versions of the
> ones he uses, but the mounting of the board is completely different. There
> is no information on cost or kit availability yet.
I'm less concerned about knob size than I am about panel finish and color. Getting
the same powder coat and gloss can keep it from really sticking out in a system (I
almost can't believe I just typed those words. I usually don't care too much about
asthetics). I saw a picture of a module next to some Moog modules
recently and the mismatch of finish really did stick out.

It does look like your board mounting will be different. I would be nice keep to
the same limits Paul has used with the 4" or so depth. It would be bad if the folks
with SKB cases couldn't fit your module in the case.

I'd certainly go for at least one of these modules!


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