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Subject: Re: [motm] ...and yet another new member....

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-08-21

> From: <ixqy@...> Andrew Sanchez
> I have a ring modulator that built in the early 80's
> from Craig Anderton's book Electronic Projects
> for musicians. I plan to attach this to a MOTM
> panel, if only for sentimental reasons.

Do it !! Just keeping good company with your MOTM will make your other
circuits seem to work better.

> I also plan to dabble in my own (simplistic!) designs
> and modifications to existing circuits.

I encourage this too. I have learned so much on the last two years just
building Paul's stuff and reading, that I have done some simple stuff
myself. Making a circuit on one of Paul's proto boards is about as much fun
as it gets.

> Anyway, thanks to Paul for offering such great modules.

Dittos (as the Rush people say).

> I'd also like to thank Larry Hendry for talking to me about
> MOTM in the first place and getting me excited enough
> to take the plunge. I'm very grateful for his help and friendly
> nature.

You're welcome. It was the least I could do after you were kind enough to
buy my old PAiA stuff. Guess where I put the money. <snicker> Besides, now
that you have signed up I get the standard commission from Paul of one free
module every time you buy one. HA HA... ROTFLMAO Just kidding, of course.

I just got in from hearing Santana in concert, so I am in a pretty good
Larry H