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Subject: Re: [motm] Food for thought

From: "Microtonal" <microtonal@...>
Date: 2000-08-19

I've gotten mults from and will be ordering mixers and
signal processsors (CV attenuator/DC mixer) soon. They fit in a 5U rack
frame and have 1/4" jacks, so they interface pretty well with MOTM
equipment. The rack frame is pretty flimsy though, so plan
on filling it with modules or blanks to stiffen it up.

If that doesn't get Paul going then nothing will! :-) My own preference is
for MOTM to concentrate of the more exotic modules. Anybody can make a mult
or mixer.

John Loffink

> I tend to agree, ill really need a big mult and a mixer very soon after my
> system arrives
> Jim
> Tentochi wrote:
> > Bring it on!!! ETA??? Estimated price? MOTM #s?
> >
> > Try and get a few of the IMPORTANT things out first though. Mixer.
> > Dual/Triple/Quad VCA. Covers for rack rails. And probably one or two
> > others I forgot.