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Subject: Re: [motm] Wavefolder and Ladder filter opinions

From: "James Holloway" <jimh54@...>
Date: 2000-08-16

I have both. Both are very well done. The filter is great. I don't believe
the motm filters, though great, do not accurately copy a Moog sound.
(I built the Moog Ladder version). Tony did a fantastic job with this
filter. Wave folder is a good module if you like to really mess up (in
a good way) CVs or waveforms. If you are careful in building them Tony's
boards give no problems on powerup.

James Holloway
jimh54@... - email
(972) 993-2023 x1188 - voicemail/fax

---- microtonal@... wrote:
> Any opinions on the Oakley Sound System Wavefolder and
> ladder filters? The Wavefolder looks pretty interesting
> but I'm not sure if I need another filter (especially
> since I haven't built my MOTM-440 yet!).
> John Loffink
> microtonal@...

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