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Subject: Re: [motm] DIY keyboard

From: "J. Larry Hendry" <jlarryh@...>
Date: 2000-08-13

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> From: <jwbarlow@...>
> Do you know what this was from? Very lucky indeed!

It is reported (without any attention on my part) to have been purchased
from Dr. Moog himself, by the buyer before me. I found it on e-bay It's
past owner ship was not my concern. I just liked the price and challenge to
"learn by doing."

> If space would permit you might think of putting in two
> joysticks or a wheel. This would allow you to control
> the obvious things like pitch and filter cutoff frequency
> as well as having a separate way of controlling some
> sort of modulation (like cross modulation between two
> VCOs) -- just a thought.

I am "looking" for thoughts like this.

> I'd think that velocity and keyboard splitting would be
> a lot of extra work, and easier with some sort of uP than
> hardware -- better suited to Paul's 8051 project with a
> scanning keyboard (plus all the other stuff you could make
> that do).

Probably beyond my ability. I am not interested in uP.

> I think a "basic" 3 buss keyboard project can be found in
> Barry Klein's book and Tomg used to have a keyboard PCB
> at his site.

Great. I am not familiar with the Klein book (more of my ignorance
showing). What the book title? I will check out Tomg's site too.

> Good luck with this!

I am going to need it. It will be a great learning experience since I am
obviously not adequetly prepared to tackle the job with what I know today.