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Subject: RE: [motm] DIY keyboard

From: "Tony Karavidas" <tony@...>
Date: 2000-08-13

Good luck. If you exclude all the things in your list, what were you
thinking would be able to generate velocity information?? How are you
planning on getting a keyboard split with a single chain of precision

There are several ways to accomplish your goals, but your list of exclusions
have made your task much more difficult.


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> From: J. Larry Hendry [mailto:jlarryh@...]
> Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 12:06 PM
> To:; synth-diy
> Subject: [motm] DIY keyboard
> Despite the fact that I have more MIDI keyboards than I need and
> a perfectly
> good Kenton pro-2000, I decided to take the DIY plunge and construct a CV
> keyboard for contolling my modular. As luck would have it, I found a very
> nice 5 octave keyboard mechanism built into a very nice walnut
> case that has
> 3 contacts per key. In addition, the precision resistors for the CV are
> already installed. And, in the appropriate place is a great spot for a
> joystick or whatever.
> Now, I have the easy part of this down pat. The pitch CV with the
> resistors.
> I will probably stick in a nice DC op amp with a little summing
> network so I
> have pitch bend with the joystick, and maybe put in an aux CV input for
> other toys. Now, the rest is wide open and I am in the learning
> mode. The
> arrangement of the contacts is such that they do not all have to close at
> the same time. So, looks like a velocity CV is possible too.
> Under the generally accepted principal that "many heads are
> better than one"
> I ask, "what would you include in such a controller?" I am thinking pitch
> CV out, joystick X and Y CV out with the ability to couple one axis of the
> joystick to pitch CV internally, gate AND trigger out, velocity CV, and
> maybe the ability to split the keyboard. And, when using gate only, it
> would be nice to be able to retrigger for the next keystroke (selectable).
> I am planning to avoid DACs, PICs, matrix and all that stuff. I have the
> DAC accuracy in the Kenton. What I want here is monophonic analog.
> So, I would appreciate anyone's opinion of what they would choose
> to include
> in the functionality. And, any pointers toward additional
> reading material
> or schematics that would help me become more familiar with the
> typical type
> of circuity used in CV keyboards would be appreciated too.
> Larry Hendry