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Subject: Re: [motm] FW: [AH] MOTM 300 VCO mini review

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-08-12

In a message dated 8/12/2000 6:47:29 AM, tentochi@... writes:

>I used the
>VCO with Serge, Blacet and Modcan modules, and it worked fine with
>everything except the Serge and Modcan waveshapers, which produced
>unpredicable, but still useable results. Something to do with polarity
>and DC coupling I think (the voice of ignorance speaks)

Thanks for forwarding this Shemp. This guy sounds very knowledgeable about EM
and basic electronics skills, nonetheless I'm wondering if he forgot to
connect the two grounds between his banana and MOTM systems. When I first
used my ARP with my Serge I made this mistake for about 30 seconds. Very
noticeable since the VCOs were suddenly all over the place.

Norman? If you are on the MOTM list, welcome!