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Subject: Why I want an MOTM Ribbon Controller

From: "Tentochi" <tentochi@...>
Date: 2000-08-11

....and not an Expressionmate.

Paul is a true believer in not duplicating excellent products that are
already on the market. There are no analog ribbon controllers be produced
commercially at this time to my knowledge.

Let me say that I love Kurzweil! It resides at the same level as the MOTM
in my mind. I have 2 K2500s in the studio and one is fully loaded.

Reasons I don't want to buy an Expressionmate for my MOTM:

∗ It is expensive

∗ IT is MIDI (it ALWAYS needs a converter)

∗ It has a lot of other crap on it

∗ It is big (the non ribbon controller portion)

There is no ribbon controller available for the MOTM in my opinion.

One solution would be to have Kurzweil do an analog version of just the
ribbon controller portion of the Expressionmate.

The best solution is for Paul to release the long awaited MOTM ribbon