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Subject: Re: [motm] How useful in a MOTM system might this be ?

From: improv@...
Date: 2000-08-11

>In a message dated 00-08-10 13:46:53 EDT, you write:
><< 4 joysticks, ~8 trigger buttons, a ribbon
> controller, a step sequencer, an input for a Yamaha breath controller, and
> maybe a few utility modules, like a CV mixer, inverters, attenuators, etc.
> Basically everything but a keyboard! >>
>were i doing it, i`d leave out the sequencer for simplicity sake ( and there
>are other folks who make sequencers, so why re-invent the wheel. ). plus, i`m
>not familiar with the sources of stuff to make a ribbon controller - can it
>be done in a cost effective yet reliable format ? certainly, the joysticks
>and buttons seem simple enough. likewise a few "utility" things ( don`t
>forget a variable bias supply - either 0 - 5 vdc or -5 - +5 vdc and a couple
>of spst type switches for long term gate type signals as opposed to just
>being available from momentary contact buttons ). i would imagine that a
>simple breath controller could be rigged up from a microphone element and an
>envelope follower - ?
>let us know how the idea works out !
>dave v.

Actually, I don't have a clue as yet as to how to build the ribbon
controller! I was kind of wondering if the controller component of the
Kurzwiel box could be purchased seperately, and hacked to put out CV's. I'd
definitely like to build in an interface for the Yamaha BC series breath
controller, it's among my fave controllers (besides, you can't help but
look dorky using one!). Like the idea of spst switches for long gates!

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