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Subject: RE: [motm] Midi CV convertors

From: alt-mode <alt_mode@...>
Date: 2000-08-07

--- Tony Karavidas <tony@...> wrote:
> I am adding exponential portamento and many more features. I'm not exactly
> sure how I'm going to implement some of them, so it's going to take a bunch
> of thought process before coding...(what a novel idea)

Very cool! You might want to contact David Wilson of the New England Synthesizer
Museum. He came up with an algorithm for exponential portamento that is used in the
Studio Electronics ATC-1 and SE-1X. I don't think there are any intellectual
property restrictions on it since all they gave David was an ATC-1 for the museum in
return for use of the algorithm.

> What is a SoundDiver adaptation? (I'm not familiar with the app)

An adaptation for SoundDiver is a device-dependent set of knob, switch, and slider
representations and their corresponding sysex strings (a variant of a Logic
Environment). Adaptations can be made by anyone, theoretically, whereas SoundDiver
modules are DLLs that are created by Emagic programmers. Modules are needed for
tougher modules and where more performance is desired. Given the relative size of
the Expressionist sysex, an adaptation should be more than adequate. Part of the
reason SoundDiver supports so many devices is because of adpatations developed by
3rd parties. [They also put a picture of your product in the document of supported
devices - good free advertising.]


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