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Subject: Im new: Hello

From: bigw@...
Date: 2000-08-05

I have recently been inspired by some friends to get into a modular system and
here I am. : 0 I will be placing my order with Paul sometime soon and just
wanted to say hello. Actually my interestest in modular goes back to the Dr. Who
days and Ive always wanted an EMS but als never could afford one. I love all
types of electronic music and my tastes range from underworld to Jarre to
classic Moog recordings. to I owe my recent inspiration for this purchase to
the fact my friend and synth mentor has a Moog 3 system and my recent listening
to Raymond Scott cd's :

I have had great conversations with Paul, Larry .G, Dave Fulton and feeling
fully comfortable that the MOTM system is the one for me! Im hoping to get some
of those crazy modular sounds from Mr. Scotts cd's and some of those crazy EMS
type sound effects. Any encouragement and module configuration recomendations
are very welcome and I look forward to sharing the MOTM experience with all of
P.s. Paul has recommended the following system to satrt with any additional
recomendations ?
1ea MOTM-900 Power Supply
1ea MOTM-300 VCO
1ea MOTM-320 VC LFO
1ea MOTM-120 Sub-Octave Mux
1ea MOTM-110 VCA/Ring Mod (mostly for the Ring Mod part)

skinny bastard wrote:

> You think you have it bad! My apartment complex rewired the electrical
> system, and completely screwed it up. My MOTM will work everywhere BUT my
> apartment. Haven't played in almost two months.
> >(been away from my MOTM for 2 weeks now..... Jonesing to patch!!.. I had
> >only
> >played with my brand new 120 for one night before I had to leave!!! I keep
> >telling myself just a few more days...)
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