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Subject: Re: J. Barlow's extraordinary humor capacity

From: Andrew Schrock <aschrock@...
Date: 1999-05-28

On Thu, 27 May 1999, J. Larry Hendry wrote:
> > 3) I'd be more "BLUE" if I'd been holding my breath waiting for the PAiA
> 9700
> > modular -- which is as almost here as digital TV.
> I waited 2 years for the first 9700 module -- MID2CV8.

Welp, I talked with Scott at Paia today when I was buying some fracrack
stuff and first run VCF boards.. Nobody there is sure when the rest of the
modular gear is coming out. ("by fall definitely") Luckily we have Paul
swinging into action comparatively at the speed of light..

BTW the first run VCF boards in question are the same from the 9730
filter, but they have a fixable PCB layout problem... they're $15 each, so
figure $3 for a fracrack blank, another $20 in parts from mouser and you
have yourself a cheap little dual HP/BP/LP VCF. Pretty good deal, no?


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