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Subject: Re: [motm] Flash! Elhardt nukes AH whining!

From: elhardt@...
Date: 2000-07-30

synth1@... writes:

>>Preach on, brother!<<

I think the proper phrase these days is "You go girl."

davevosh@... writes:

>>i think i have to disagree with you here ( but politely ! :^) ) -
whatever progress / innovation emerges from the cesspool of the "human
condition" be it synths or most anything else comes from the disatisfied
person who thinks " there must be a better way......".<<

The thing is as musicians there is so much available now, that nobody in
their lifetime should ever find themselves not being able to do something
sonically because of lack of equipment choices. I have no problem if someone
for instance would like to see an MOTM VC-Mixer module, because it would save
space and money. But it doesn't do anything that some VCAs and a regular old
mixer can't do. Those AH people were acting like technology is holding back
their music. Infact there is probably too much technology now, which is why
people who have zero musical training or knowledge are flooding this earth
with pointless noise. The other thing is that they were talking about lack
of innovation in analog modulars. The problem is an analog modular today
still needs the same types of modules it did 30 years ago to function and
create sounds. To get really sophisticated, then you have to start going to
digital, and there is no lack of innovation there.

Take away their drum machines, sequencers and Midi and watch 99% of them fall
flat on their faces.