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Subject: RE: [motm] Expressionist feature request and other topics

From: "Tony Karavidas" <tony@...>
Date: 2000-07-22

If you are an Expressionist owner and want to have input regarding the new
features, please email me.


Please don't ask for things like: rotary encoder, more jacks, or any other
HARDWARE changes.

You can ask for things like: more LFOs, portamento scale changes, etc. Some
of you have been feeding me data since you bought it, and I have saved all
that info. You don't need to send it again unless you want to update it or

Also, I'm starting to visit the JP8 code and that will occur in parallel
with the Expressionist coding.

MacKnobby is coming along, but my programmer is in NY at MacWorld. Sorry for
the delay.

One last thing: if you have time, the Knobby contest is still on. You can
make profiles without the box (without the software even) and submit them to
win a Knobby. Email your profile here to submit it. Make the Subject:

These subjects help me filter messages into appropriate areas.


Tony Karavidas
Encore Electronics>