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Subject: Re: [motm] VCDO?

From: "Hugo Haesaert" <hugo.haesaert@...>
Date: 2000-07-19

Hi All !

Good idea, but some extra features would be nice : once one has a
pic (or other avr :) ) on board, it should'nt be too difficult to
have a "sound load" mode, where the pic is connected to a pc by
serial i/f, and the pic is used to fill a battery backed ram or to
program a flash-eprom .

A sideways look at how a ppg or microwave does tricks might be
beneficial .

A Prophet VS does not sound sterile ;^) Maybe it has to do with that
strange way the pitches are derived from a hf clock . Can't remember
exactly how it works, but it introduces phase jitter (so that might
not be all bad :) ) . This was mentioned on either AH or synth diy
maybe 5 months ago . The exact recipe was not given tho .

Maybe a silly idea, but using an up-down counter for addressing and
adding a zero crossing detector (and positive only "folder") to a
linear fm input could give a thru zero fm osc ... with selectable
waveforms . (Juergen ?) Anyone got the TX81 waves handy ? ;-)

And sync, many kinds ... %~)

Bye for now .

Keep 'em oscillating :)