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Subject: MOTM heresy here!

From: LD <jar5831@...>
Date: 2000-07-18

This is heresy to suggest..But since many MOTMERS seem to be in dire
need of a full featured mixer here is my suggestion...Barry Klein has
plans for such a device in his electronic music book he sells
privately. Sorry I don't have his web site address handy..I think it is
listed in the links list of many analog synth web sites. It is
completely of easy to find inexpensive op amps and other cheap parts and
looks easy to build even by simple
point to point wiring. It does have switchable inversion and mixes both
dc control voltages and of course ac audio signals..BTW don't get me
started! It seems to me that looking around for analog synth kit/ready
built modules manufacturers the audio mixer module is often clearly
overpriced considering the simplicity and low cost of the parts (Paul
save your cost of doing buisness rant please!)..even when factoring such
overhead..But the all time undisputed king of all module cost vs funcion
overpricing by everyone is the multiples module!

For the record I am not singling out Paul or mean to imply him so please
spare me your flames!
For what it's worth..