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Subject: Re: [motm] Help me out..

From: "sikorsky" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-07-16


> I've got one space left in my MOTM rack (2u) after I fill this first rack
> will probably chill for a little with buying gear.
now come on - you don't really mean that do you... (been there done that,
failed miserably)

>So my question is what
> module do you suggest to fill the spot. I've got so far. 300, 120, 440,
> 410, 110, 800, 320, 900, 940. one each. I was thinking another 320 or
> another 300.. two more 800's maybe? I originally wanted the 100, but Ill
> wait for the new version... It's obviously a pretty basic system, but for
> processing and an occasional role as a monosynth it rules (as MOTM always
> does)

for a start, if you get rid of the 940, then you have 4u to play with,
though ignoring that, i'd definately suggest either another 320 or another
300, a second lfo is better for more complex, yet sedate modulation of your
two filters, but another vco means better voicing, plus more bizarre
modulation possibilites, but then you'll need another lfo, some more

∗muffled yelps, & sound of straight jacket being wrapped around our hapless