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Subject: Re: [motm] Backache

From: "Andy Hartley" <andrew.hartley@...>
Date: 2000-07-15


BTW, something I wanted to do years ago was develop some kind of guidance
system for a model rocket and write the software to guide it. But I have
heard that it is illegal to put a guidance system into model rockets. That
kind of takes the fun out of rocketry.

I believe the term your looking for is Missile!!!!

In respect to lead bending, this is something I have had a look at, due to a
degenerative joint condition. Bending 5 - 10 resistor leads then having to
take a break is a tad frustrating especially in the 320 LFO.
The hand crank component lead benders are expensive, here in the UK, both
Farnell and RS stock them. But If you are not forming components by the
thousand probably a bit over the top.

I went for a hand operated device, which Farnell stock and is made by ABECO
and called a Forming Handtool, you can also get versions that crop the
leads. Most of all they are not that expensive, approx 35 UKP.

Now when a new module arrives, I just adjust the alignment points to the
width of the holes in the PCB and "Bend Away". Forming the whole bag of
resistors in one go also stops them rolling off the bench when your looking
for the elusive value. Well worth the money. Oh yes it also exercises your
hands ready for the stunning keyboard run when the module is ready.