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Subject: OT: [motm] Barlow's hitting the glue again!

From: jwbarlow@...
Date: 2000-07-12

In a message dated 7/11/2000 7:54:31 PM, jlarryh@... writes:

>JB, when you do this, if you want a permanent bond, you must spray the
>adhesive on both surfaces, let it dry for about one minute and then attach.
>Did you try it that way?

With the 3M stuff I found it "dried" in far less than a minute on most any
surface other than skin, on which it stayed very tacky up to the time you
accidentally touched the front of the panel. I actually did try to "let it
dry" a bit, and I definitely tried using it on both surfaces, but neither
helped. It did work quite well on the card stock backing which I used behind
the transparencies (to try to match the steel/aluminum look that Serge T.
used to use), but I need to fold over about a half inch of the plastic
transparency and tack it down on the back side of the panel to both prevent
it from separating from the panel, and keep the label tight against the
front. I will look for the Duro next, and I'm going to try some different 3M
stuff, but I'm hoping that someone knows something off hand.

BTW, so far the label looks quite good. I've got about 15 coats of gloss
acrylic so it's quite hard and looks kind of like my real Serge stuff
(especially with my glasses off!) -- This coating stuff I owe directly to you
and Ken! Thanks guys! I'm not through yet however, there's plenty of chances
for me to screw it up yet!