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Subject: RE: [motm] stand for sbk pop-up mixer case

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-07-11

Damn straight, my friend. As soon as I had secured my equipment and powered
back up, MOTM was good to go. I didn't have to switch it to external tempo
mode (TR-909), select the proper sequence (TB-303) or any other nonsense. I
must say, I think some of my success with dropping MOTM cases from 4 feet
and retaining my patches has to do with the fact that Wacky Kovacy uses
Switchcraft plugs and I use his cables. They do grab slightly better for me,
though it may be all in my mind...

Actually, now that I'm flashing back to that horrible experience, I remember
that the reason the first (heavier) case didn't hit the floor immediately is
that the power cord stayed in the socket on the MOTM-900 and arrested its
fall enough that I could still catch it in time. Ouch!

I will be very happy to never go through that again.


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> From: Tentochi [mailto:tentochi@...]
> Sent: Monday, July 10, 2000 5:33 AM
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> Subject: RE: [motm] stand for sbk pop-up mixer case
> Did you lose all of your patches when you broke the power connection?!?!?
> How dreadful! Did you have your MOTM patches backed up?
> > No worries--I was able to record another
> > take that was much better, and the only thing that had "severed" was the
> > power connection between the two MOTM cases. The connector
> pulled cleanly,
> > and everything is just fine. Phew!
> > David.
> Of course you didn't lose your patches! It's an MOTM!!! Incredible patch
> retention even when left unpowered for decades! Screw battery
> replacement!
> --Shemp
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