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Subject: MOTM days are here again (in the studio)

From: "David Bivins" <dbivins@...>
Date: 2000-07-10

After a month-long absence from using my gear (save the MOTM UG meeting
fun), I've been producing music again.

First up: "Blown"

Note the TR-909 kick, sent through the MOTM-120 and then into the 440
filter, with LFO sweeps (triggered by TR-909 trigger out) of resonance per
measure. Then delight to the craziness of a second LFO waveform into the 120
for some of that video-game-style sound.

TR-909 closed hat is going through MOTM-420 in LP mode. There was snare
going through the second 420, but it didn't make the final recording/cut.

The weird hollow sound from the beginning and throughout is TR-909, miked
from a monitor with channel open (for feedback) and sampled into a SP-12 and
played melodically (I use the term loosely).

The persistent, heavily distorted beat is a run-of-the-mill loop (I don't
use them very much) heavily processed in Sound Forge (PC digital editing
tool) and sampled into the SP-12. The other digital percussion (second kick
and snare) are native sounds of the SP-12. Claps are TR-909.

Stay tuned--there's more to come!

David Bivins, the Bald Bastard