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Subject: Re: [motm] VCO calibration nightmare

From: "josiah" <robotmusic@...>
Date: 2000-07-06

i use Neutrik connectors for at least half of my cabling..
i just score the sleeve with a little razor, then solder.
otherwise, especially with balanced connectors it's
hell. i love Neutrik. also, i always use some silver-bearing
solder on any audio connections i might be making.
my audio cables are ∗always∗ balanced, and have always
worked at least as well as any cables i have purchased.

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From: "Thomas Hudson" <thudson@...>
To: <>
Sent: Thursday, July 06, 2000 9:45 AM
Subject: [motm] VCO calibration nightmare

> I built two 300's the last two days. When I went to calibrate them,
> I knew something was wrong. The 300 I had previously built and
> calibrated wasn't tracking correctly, and I couldn't tune the
> two new ones, the trimers were all the way to one extreme and
> still didn't track.
> Then I found the culprits. I had recently built new patch cables
> using neutrik connectors. When I pulled these out and used some
> older cables everything started working perfectly.
> I used a DVM and got a resistance measurement between the tip
> and sleeve.
> So obviously I don't quite understand how to assemble the
> cables correctly using the neutrik connectors. They don't
> seem to have a good place to solder (especially the ground
> connection), so I assumed the locking action of the cam
> pushed the cable down to make the connection.
> Anyone else using these connectors? Any tips on how to
> assemble them?
> Tomy
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