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Subject: 606 trigger-> motm not working... help!

From: "Paul Wagorn" <pwagorn@...>
Date: 2000-07-06

hi all...

I bought a tr606 trigger out kit ($75...!!!which sure seemed to be a lot of
money for 6 jacks & 1 piece of wire...) and the triggers will not work
on my motm (or sh101), yet they will work on 2 other of my pieces of
gear, yet the old trigger outs (on the toms) work with my 101 & motm fine.

What's up? I thought that when I was buying the kit, there would be some
buffers or something. I'm worried that I'm going to blow up the cpu in my
606, in addition to the fact that the triggers won't trigger my beloved
what's up? any advice/help?