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Subject: Update

From: "Paul Schreiber" <synth1@...>
Date: 2000-07-06

I have had a small break in the action in non-MOTM work. So, I have been
kitting up just
about everything. By Monday, I suspect I'll have stock of every kit ready to
purge the
∗entire∗ kit backlog by the middle of next week.

There is one irritant: I have jury duty Mon AM. 9/10 times I'm not picked,
but you never know!

Flat rails: the machine shop has agreed to start on Tuesday of next week on
a pair of samples. This
way I can be 100% sure before I order 100 of them! I know many are waiting,
but don't vote me off the island yet!

Backlog of assembled modules should start shipping next Thursday (week from

I ordered most of the parts today for the Voltage-Controlled Pulse Divider.
Uses dual PIC uPs, and has
a 3-digit LED display. This is 100% working in the lab, but I need to ponder
the mechanicals. I will
probably do the '101 first, though.

Anybody got their sequencer or keyboard yet? :)

Paul S.