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Subject: RE: [motm] "Light Plug"

From: "joe.pavone" <fuzztone@...>
Date: 2000-07-03

The good old fasioned Morley volume pedals have light bulbs and a photoresistor and that's just about it. Inside, the pedal mechanism drapes a small black velvet curtian in front of the light bulb to vary the amount of light hitting the photoresistor. When I recently changed the bulb in one of these it got me thinking along the same lines. It would be fun to alter my MOTM patch from across the room with a flashlight....

>From: on Mon, Jul 3, 2000 2:10 AM
>Subject: [motm] "Light Plug"
>At the recent NYC meeting, RevTor had a couple of the LED jacks (they
>light up when signal is present) that were discussed a few months ago on
>the list. Today, reading Keyboard magazine, I came across a review of the
>"Lovetone Ringstinger" effects pedal. One paragraph caught my eye:
>"The unit ships with a "light plug", a 1/4" plug with a photoresistor in
>the plastic housing. By inserting the light plug into one of the
>Ringstinger's external pedal jacks and changing the amount of light
>hitting the photoresistor, you can sweep either the LFO depth or VCO
>Seems like something similar might be a simple, interesting controller
>for MOTM, or any other CV synth. Would this work?