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Subject: "Light Plug"

From: nathan durham <nate@...>
Date: 2000-07-03

At the recent NYC meeting, RevTor had a couple of the LED jacks (they
light up when signal is present) that were discussed a few months ago on
the list. Today, reading Keyboard magazine, I came across a review of the
"Lovetone Ringstinger" effects pedal. One paragraph caught my eye:

"The unit ships with a "light plug", a 1/4" plug with a photoresistor in
the plastic housing. By inserting the light plug into one of the
Ringstinger's external pedal jacks and changing the amount of light
hitting the photoresistor, you can sweep either the LFO depth or VCO

Seems like something similar might be a simple, interesting controller
for MOTM, or any other CV synth. Would this work?