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Subject: Thanks! Great MOTM UG meeting!

From: dbivins@...
Date: 2000-07-02

Hey all,

First, big-time thanks to Charles Stella for being a wonderful host and making it so easy for us to play, play, play (and for getting food and drink, and for...). Second, thanks so much to everyone for showing up! The turnout was larger than expected, and as far as I could tell, everyone played nice. We only had a couple casualties <j/k>.

Joe Pavone showed off his AS sequencer (and associated modules) pair, making most of us very interested in getting a "traditional" analog sequencer sooner than later (hint, hint--let's forget about the vocoder for a few months and get a decent 2x8 or whatever sequencer going, Paul!). Steve (RevTor) had some of the Concussor modules which are very fine sounding, indeed (I was surprised at least) and complemented Joe's tricked-out TR-606 very well. Along with the Concussor block, Steve brought his "house-boat-cased" MOTM panel, FR777, and a couple of friends. He was right. Hooking two 777s together (I brought mine) is an invitation to the devil to come in and jam.

Of course, Charles had his system there as well, including newly built/calibrated oscillator. We lined up my 1 1/3 SKBs, Charles' rack, Joe's SKB (and why we didn't just ditch the couch and put Steve's next, I don't know) for the Wall O' MOTM. For those of us who had wondered what three MOTM oscillators sound like going through two 420s (HP/LP) or a 440, well, now we know all about Zeus' Thunder or whatever you want to call that slab of sound.

For those of you who missed out, we'll certainly be doing this again. It was too much fun NOT too.

To all the attendees, thanks a lot for making my month! I had a really great time, and it was so nice to talk to everyone in person. And now I know there are a couple more bald bastards in the group ;)

Oh right--mucho thanks to Steve (again) for putting together a great handout for the meeting, consisting of an introduction (to the meeting), a glossary of terms, and lots of great info/quotes/etc. about MOTM, modular synthesis, and synthesis in general culled from the MOTM and Analogue Heaven lists (I'm sure other sources as well). Thanks Steve--I totally dig it!

And again on the subject of Steve--you should have seen him. This is all true--I'm not exaggerating. That man whipped a handful of patch cords around his neck when he showed up and literally attacked the MOTM stuff that was already set up. I've never had so much fun patching with someone else. Someone would say "what would happen if..." and he'd already be done patching it up, saying "well, let's see!" It was great to have the luxury of so many modules to play with simultaneously. Of course, Joe was no slouch either. I think it took him all of 2 minutes to patch his MOTM and AS gear to the point where you could hardly see the panels! And the results were appropriately impressive.

Thanks again all, I can't wait to hang with you again!

David Bivins