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Subject: Re: [motm] Some news

From: "James Holloway" <jimh54@...>
Date: 2000-06-29

I bought 3 modules from Roger; an instrument interface, a clipper/rectifier,
and a signal processor. Still have a pedal inteface on backorder.

I like the modules a lot. Roger was real good about providing schematics
(normally he doesn't). The form factor and look is very good. The circuitry
design seemed above average. Probably just textbook circuits. Nothing
too innovative here. Just basic functionality. The only possible complaint
I have would be the added difficulty in modifying the power cables to
adapt the MOTM form factor (.156 MTA) to the (.100 MTA).
Wasn't too difficult to build new cables though.

Don't look for anything too exotic from Roger says
he's not going to go much beyond what's in the "Future" section of his
site. His goal was to provide a basic full featured modular. He's done
that well.

James Holloway
jimh54@... - email
(972) 993-2023 x1188 - voicemail/fax

---- elhardt@... wrote:
> synth1@... writes:
> >>Starting to get a trickle of nibbles from the EM ad. No, orders are
> not
> "pouring in". Lobbying EM editors to do a cover feature on analog
> modulars!
> Stay tuned!<<
> It seems like you should be able to get your modules into Keyboards
> "Newgear"
> section, as you did in the past when you didn't have many. I am assuming
> that doesn't cost anything.
> >>I know some of you have ordered stuff. Please let
> us know
> what you think.<<
> I haven't heard anyone on any list mention that they placed an order
> with
> them (except one guy for blank panels). There was a lot of talk but
> no
> action from people. I wonder what the problem is.
> -Elhardt
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