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Subject: Re: [motm] OT: Dynacord CLS-222

From: "jhaible" <jhaible@...>
Date: 2000-06-24

> Add a Leslie simulator to the MOTM wish list. Especially since the US
> seem to be double what JH has seen in Europe.

Just think about how many MOTM VCOs you'd need for the tonewheels
of the Hammond to match.
IMO, something like a Lesley simulator is such a specialized thing that
I would not see it among the -say- 50 first modules of a modular system.

And even if you pay 300 Dollars for a used 222, you get a good value
for money. Keep in mind that there is the equivalent of four (!)
typical chorus / flanger boxes inside there. Want to emulate it with
a modular? Here we go:

2 VC quadrature LFOs (volume modulation, pann+ing and dopper shift
require 90 degrees phase shift of modulation signal)
2 AR envelopes for horn and rotor speed
4 BBD delays for dopper effect and first reflections inside the enclosure
(my guess of interpreting the circuit - not confirmed)
4 HF clock generators with VC period rather than VC frequency (something
everybody else apparently neglected)
2 VC Panners, one of them with frequency dependent stereo spread (for
bass rotor)
Some filters to shape the overall frequency response.