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Subject: Re: [motm] OT: Dynacord CLS-222

From: "mr sikorsky" <vulture.squadron@...>
Date: 2000-06-24

hello all (again)
>here's one to throw to the list:
sure it must be possible, so, just as an exercise, what MOTM (and other) modules would be >needed to run a pretty close Leslie simulation..?
i might have been fresh from the pub THAT night - but i'm absolutely serious - i was looking into this a month or so ago when i was refurbishing a Leslie 147 (removing spiders rather than working out how to modify it to work with a Hammond L100...   ...Frank..?!)
say for example on a 147 you have two sound sources, one bass, one treble, separated by a crossover with a definable dB / oct slope.
assuming you use an MOTM #300 as your "hammond", simulation of each speaker source is achieved via a phaser (???), with a minute amount of FM introduced for doppler shift - this being controlled by an LFO which is in effect the speed control.
BUT - assuming i've got this correct (or even vaguely close at this point) how do you emulate the gorgeous slowing down / speeding up effect as the two speakers go out of sync..?
plus you have to put HP & LP filters over both sources to allow for the driver units, a small amount of reverb to allow for the cabinet, a bit of noise for the amp / rumble for the speaker bearings...
does anyone want to hazard a guess as to what kind of MOTM system would be needed for Hammond / Leslie simulation..? come on guys, put your thinking caps on...
meanwhile, has anyone any idea how to get fractal type chaos / noise / conrollers in a modular system without having to revert to software..?
cheers all
paul b